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Bangladesh: Church Planting Principles

During this festive season of celebrating the arrival of our Savior to this world, it adds to our joy to know that Jesus, having arrived as a Baby in a manger, is today the Lord of church planting! Having once walked this earth for three years discipling 12 chosen Hebrews, He now disciples all who […]

10,000 Refugee Children Missing in Europe – Minus One

Ion, age 17 lived in a small town close to Donetsk, Ukraine. One day he began to walk. And didn’t stop. Ion had lost everything. He was forced into hiding after a group of separatists killed his mother. He kept to the shadows, aided solely by a stranger who secretly brought him food from time […]

Harsha & Betty: From Desperation to Hope

How does God take someone from a state of hopelessness and cause them to become a vibrant Christian witness to their world? Harsha, from Sri Lanka, is one who experienced God’s miraculous power of transformation.

Freed from Fear

Pugong, a shamanistic priest, lived in fear of evil spirits for most of his life. “I’m going to accept Christ,” he had said for many years, “but not yet. I’m still afraid of what the spirits will do to me.” Over the years, friends and family encouraged Pugong to accept Christ and abandon the opposing […]

India Orality Think Tank Report – May 2016

The first ION Orality Think Tank in India took place at the ISI, New Delhi. We were privileged to have a group of 35 participants from a wide variety of ministries in the fields of Bible translation, development, church planting & disciple-making, Theological education and media. Representatives were present from various church backgrounds, both Protestant […]

A Bible in Every Bilum

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a diverse country with over 800 unique languages. More than 300 of those languages still need a Bible translation program started so that people from those communities can have access to God’s life-transforming message.

A Bed of Dignity

Misha could not remember the last time she felt comfortable falling asleep. Every night, she was in a new location. And she never slept well in a new place. A bed. It’s supposed to be a safe haven. A place of rest. But how can it be when it’s never your own?

In the Face of the Storm, God’s Love Never Fails

Ronald Buenafe is a fisherman, 31 years old and lives in the Philippines. He is married to Jennybell, and they have two children, Khean Joy, eight, and Jamilla Rich, five. When a powerful typhoon hit their village, Ronald and his family were engulfed by a raging storm.

How I Connected With a Refugee When I Couldn’t Speak Her Language

As I boarded a plane recently, I scanned the seats ahead and saw my future seatmate. A colorful scarf wrapped her head and shoulders, revealing only her beautiful face. She looked nearly my age and cradled a darling baby in her arms. When I reached my seat I introduced myself; she smiled and shook her […]

New Projects to End Bible Poverty

In October of last year, YWAM launched its global prayer focus, called The Invitation, by highlighting a topic near and dear to the heart of YWAM’s founder, Loren Cunningham. We prayed for the translation and distribution of the Bible. To put it another way, we prayed for an end to Bible poverty. In the months […]