In the Face of the Storm, God’s Love Never Fails

Ronald Buenafe is a fisherman, 31 years old and lives in the Philippines. He is married to Jennybell, and they have two children, Khean Joy, eight, and Jamilla Rich, five.

When a powerful typhoon hit their village, Ronald and his family were engulfed by a raging storm.

Together, they live in the coastal fishing village of Punta Barra. Their livelihood consists of selling a daily catch of about 3-4 kilos for at least 200 pesos (about £3). Devastatingly, the whole village was swept away.

After the typhoon, with no home or savings, Ronald, Jennybell, Khean Joy, and Jamilla Rich were left as one of the most vulnerable families in the village.

Tearfund has been working with Ronald and his family – along with 24 other families in the community – to rebuild their lives and homes.

Ronald says, ‘Thanks to Tearfund, we have started to rebuild our lives. I want to tell everyone of the love of God because of what we have received from Tearfund.’

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