Call2all.Korea – Day 2 Recap

Wednesday at the 25th Congress was an intense day of seeking the Lord as we work together to finish the Great Commission. The Spheres and Finish Lines continue to provide a great framework for discussions on how we can influence every area of our lives for the Kingdom (Spheres) and track our progress towards fulfilling the Great Commission (Finish Lines).

One of the beautiful things about this event is how it represents the global Body of Christ– spanning age groups, cultures, and languages. A large percentage of delegates represent the next generation of leaders. United in purpose,  we broke into two groups with what God is saying to both generations, using new tools to instantaneously capture the exchanges on the screen across many languages.

Today we focused on how God is calling us to influence Government and Economics. Legislative victories and a deeper understanding of the way resources flow through the economy are good but not sufficient. Real change in people and cultures happens when the Holy Spirit works through those who lead and participate. The answer to today’s major issues is still the same – Jesus.

We also wrestled with the radical compassion God requires of us and how deep and meaningful change happens in the lives of the unreached. As inspiration, we can look to the world of culinary arts– a master chef can transform one food into something fundamentally different through an often long and highly immersive process.

“We are to ‘pickle’ them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit .” – David Hamilton

The video recap from Day 2 captures a sample of the work God is doing in Korea this week. You can also follow the live stream of the general sessions, available on the CTS YouTube Channel. The stream is generally active between the hours of 9:20AM to 10PM KST (8:20PM-9:00AM in New York or 1:20AM-2PM in London).