call2all Congresses • Europe

It was at Table 71 at the World Conference of Evangelists in Amsterdam, sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association that the seeds for the call2all movement were planted back in 2000.

Ten years later, leaders from across Europe have gathered at three call2all congresses, which although smaller in numbers have been highly significant strategic events.

Congresses in Europe

call2all Western Europe | April 2012
call2all Armenia | April/May 2010
call2all Ukraine | Sept 2009

Call2all Armenia, 2010 was unique in its attendance, drawing solely Armenian leaders, rather than the usual international participation, allowing for a high level of unity and focus on God’s plans for the Armenian nation in reaching the nations. Historically the Armenian church is one of the oldest in the world and has survived many times of persecution, being scattered far and wide, they are now a strategic gateway to many Muslim nations in the Middle East and Central Asia. Many of the remaining UUPG’s are situated within a radius of 1,000 miles of Armenia, the leaders were gripped with the need and the potential for transformation. A nation with a rich heritage of 24/7 prayer, physically prayer walking the enormous map was a highlight for many, engaging hearts with omega zones yet unvisited.

One young lady said afterwards, “This has changed my life. I have heard many sermons and gone to many conferences, but God changed the direction of my life as I prayed on the map.”

Ukraine is another nation that has experienced persecution. The Congress in Kiev in 2009 gathered leaders from 12 surrounding nations. Al Akimoff joined Loren Cunningham on stage and told of the years he had to smuggle Bibles into the old Soviet Union. Many risked imprisonment for the sake of the Gospel. Loren challenged that there needs to be a new surge of Bible distribution throughout Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.


Combined Commitments

by 2020


UUPGs adopted


Bible Language and Distribution


Church Planting Commitments


Reached with the Gospel


Compassion Commitments


Prayer Watches & Houses

Some feedback from those who attended…

It is extraordinary to see the faith that is generated in a group when people get a picture of what God is saying to the whole body gathered in the room and not just to their own denomination or organization. Each one realizes they have a significant part to contribute to a movement that will bring genuine transformation.

Armenia Congress organizer

call2all Event Team

I can honestly say that I have great hope for the kick-off of something that is going make an impact where Christianity is non-existent, through our unity in the body of Christ.

Gina Fadely

International Director
YWAM Frontier Missions.

This was a momentum builder toward finishing the task together…the most precious element for me was listening to God together.

Steve Hawthorne