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Shorter summit style Congresses were held for leaders in the Middle East.  Our Malta Congress started at the same time as the Arab Spring began in Egypt, a huge time of change in the region, with the unrest meaning many delegates could not attend, however there was still a great level of participation from those who could attend and powerful times of intercession for the political situation.

Congresses in the Middle East

call2all Middle East | April 2010
call2all Malta (Middle East Focus) | Jan/Feb 2011

At the April 2010 Congress concepts on global mapping and unengaged unreached people groups opened up whole new areas of understanding. The strategic round table discussions were buzzing with excitement as delegates engaged deeply with the material. Orality and church planting sessions bought more strategic discussions and agreements to work together.

The first night culminated with a message from a “regional father in the faith” encouraging everyone saying, “it is possible to complete the Great Commission”.

More than one person in attendance commented on the volume and quality of the content saying, “It’s been like drinking from a fire hose, it seems like no one can get enough.”

The 2010 Congress was marked by an unflagging excitement from delegates to soak up as much information as possible.

In Malta, despite the fact that many of the registered participates could not attend, God was present in a powerful way. Delegates from the nations throughout the region have renewed vision to reach Muslim nations. In the face of significant resistance, they believe God is going to do great things in their region. They are getting a renewed zeal for prayer, defining their objectives and getting a new perspective on what the task really is.

Combined Commitments

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UUPGs adopted


Bible Language and Distribution


Church Planting Commitments


Reached with the Gospel


Compassion Commitments


Prayer Watches & Houses

Some feedback from those who attended…

This is one of the highest quality gatherings I’ve ever been to in this region of the world. To see the stature of the people that are assembled is deeply encouraging.


call2all Middle East

We have never seen this kind of unity before.

Regional Leader

Middle East

Many have commented on how deeply this Congress has changed their lives. They see the Great Commission in a whole new way.

Congress reporter

call2all Malta Event Team