Freed from Fear

Pugong, a shamanistic priest, lived in fear of evil spirits for most of his life. “I’m going to accept Christ,” he had said for many years, “but not yet. I’m still afraid of what the spirits will do to me.”

Over the years, friends and family encouraged Pugong to accept Christ and abandon the opposing traditions. They quoted John 3:16 and many other Scripture verses in his own language — Ifugao.

Anne West, a Wycliffe translator who was working on a Bible in Pugong’s language, was one of those friends. After many years with no ill effects from the spirits, Pugong could no longer deny the spiritual freedom God’s Word was bringing to his friends and family. He finally faced his fear.

“I’m ready to accept Christ,” he said one day, when a church group came to his home.

“Oh, wait until a pastor comes!” someone said.

“No, I don’t need a pastor,” Pugong replied. “I can pray now.”

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