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It has been a joy to work with delegates from all across Africa at many of our international congresses, and we’ve also had the opportunity to host a Congress in Nairobi, Kenya.

Congresses in Africa

call2all East Africa | October 2008

Hundreds of leaders from Uganda, Tanzania, the DRC, Sudan and across East Africa came to participate. There was a wonderful cultural diversity expressed in worship and cultural protocols, one of the outstanding pieces was the worship led by the indigenous Masai group of Kenya.

Bishop Kabachia, the Regional Coordinator of Movement for Africa National Initiatives (MANI) spoke on the “State of the Gospel” in the region of East Africa. He commented that recent research done on the number of unreached people groups in Kenya sparked a challenge that has resulted in every tribe being engaged with the gospel. Building on that, Paul Eshleman, the Director of Finishing the Task shared about the Unengaged and Unreached People Groups (UUPGs) of the world. He cited that statistically, the most unreached tribes in Africa are concentrated in Sudan. He challenged participants to ask God for a new heart and a new perspective in order to go.

“It is our job to make the decision, it is God’s job to solve the problem” said Eshleman

Loren Cunningham, (YWAM) spoke about “How to Disciple A Nation”. He emphasized the giftedness of Africa, going through all the seven spheres of society, highlighting the offering of Africa to the world, and the key leaders that have risen through the ranks in each sphere of society, from sports through to Church.

Among other workshops and training sessions, some innovative evangelism models were shared: including use of “Evangelism Cube and HIV Cube”, the “Jesus Film” project, evangelistic films from the “Global Film Network and “Kids around the World” among others.

The Congress concluded with a prayerful, collaborative session with corporate commitments to Great Commission goals


Combined Commitments

by 2020


UUPGs adopted


Bible Language and Distribution


Church Planting Commitments


Reached with the Gospel


Compassion Commitments


Prayer Watches & Houses

Some feedback from those who attended…

The highlight of the congress for me was the session on the map, I was reminded to focus on evangelization in a detailed way, as well as praying through every region of need. When I go back, I will tell my congregation that you are looking at a new pastor whose vision has been sharpened. We will ensure that we fulfill the call to
reach the lost.

Gift Chipesi

Pastor, Zimbabwe

I am so overwhelmed by what God is doing in our midst! The goals we have set are amazing, and I look forward to what God wants to do with us as a result of this Congress.

Ken Stravens

National Director of Life Ministry (Campus Crusade for Christ) Kenya

Indeed, this was a historic event in Nairobi. The prayer for the whole world on the global map was such a great
experience, an experience of a lifetime. I heard God in myspirit say “This is a new beginning, a new day”. We will from Kenya, take the world for Jesus Christ. We practically stepped, prayed, touched, knelt, cried on the global map. I can see that we are rising up in Africa and shining for Jesus, even beyond our continental borders. It was great!

Steve Kabachia

Bishop of Agape Churches, East Africa Coordinator, MANI

We have had one of the most awesome prayer sessions, as we prayed over the omega zones. It was an experience
that enabled us to see what God sees. I have been enthused and empowered in a new way. After the congress, we
need to engage with one another, we have been so scattered, without consolidating our efforts.

Benson Nyanyor

Coordinator, Global Day of Prayer, Kenya

The church must come together and speak with one voice, because the voice of the Lord is one. When we learn to hear the voice of God, we will know how to move and operate as a body. Other religions are good at strategizing, capitalizing on our weakness as Christians to harmonize and work together. We must work according to the one we know, Jesus. He gave us the pattern in John 17

Mary Odinga

Former Ambassador to the UN