10,000 Refugee Children Missing in Europe – Minus One

Ion, age 17 lived in a small town close to Donetsk, Ukraine. One day he began to walk. And didn’t stop.

Ion had lost everything. He was forced into hiding after a group of separatists killed his mother. He kept to the shadows, aided solely by a stranger who secretly brought him food from time to time. After a few months, Ion decided to make a run for it.

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A Bed of Dignity

Misha could not remember the last time she felt comfortable falling asleep. Every night, she was in a new location. And she never slept well in a new place.

A bed. It’s supposed to be a safe haven. A place of rest.
But how can it be when it’s never your own?

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In the Face of the Storm, God’s Love Never Fails

Ronald Buenafe is a fisherman, 31 years old and lives in the Philippines. He is married to Jennybell, and they have two children, Khean Joy, eight, and Jamilla Rich, five.

When a powerful typhoon hit their village, Ronald and his family were engulfed by a raging storm.

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