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The Source of Life – film project

The Shengzha Nosu Yi of Sichuan, China, were once vicious warriors and slave owners, the last people group to come under Chinese rule in 1956. They have their own religion known as Bimoism. Very few Nosu believe in Jesus, and there is no contextualized evangelistic media in their language and culture.

The first Indigenous Gospel Film for the Kutchi People

Our practical project goal of the fifth Frontier Filmmaking Seminar was an evangelistic film for the Kutchi people of Gujarat, India. Leading the project was Steve, a film director from Create International’s 2020 Vision team based in the USA.

A Life Changed by Scripture

Allan was overcome by grief and anger, but God radically redirected his life through translated Scripture. Read the full story from Wycliffe HERE Our aim is to share quality stories and links related to the Finish Lines that we think you’ll enjoy. The full stories open on partner and external websites where call2all is not responsible for the […]

How a Christian Coder gets others talking about God

Pablo soon developed a desire to bring his skills and his passions together in one endeavor. “My church has people with a variety of technical skills, but I am the only software developer.” “I wondered how I could bring us all together for one purpose.” Read the fully story from cru HERE Our aim is to […]

Pagan Beliefs Give Way to Truth

“At first I was hesitant to show the ‘JESUS’ film to my fellow tribesman…because of their pagan beliefs, but I was amazed to see the people stay until the end of the showing.” Read the full story from the Jesus Film Project HERE Our aim is to share quality stories and links related to the Finish […]