call2all Congresses • North America

From our inaugural congress in Orlando, Florida back in January 2008, to the far-reaching Kansas City Congress in September 2012, North America has hosted a great number of significant call2all gatherings in the last seven years. Leaders from across the globe have been able to attend, giving these events a truly international scope.

Congresses in North America

call2all Kansas City, MO | Sept 2012
call2all Global Congress, Los Angeles | Nov/Dec 2011
call2all Hawaii | July 2011
call2all Cincinnati, OH | March 2010
call2all Dayton, OH | Jan 2009
call2all Canada | Oct 2008
call2all Orlando | Jan 2008

163 Organizational Presidents, Leaders and CEOs along with some 550 key Christian leaders and experts convened the first Congress in Orlando with the sole aim to strategize and partner for the completion of the Great Commission.

Highlights included cutting edge mapping technology from 4K (David Hamilton) giving a new framework for seeing the world and responding to its needs.  Delegates prayer walked the massive 70x50m world map, engaging deeply with the Lord to bring His salvation to every corner of the globe.

Round table strategy sessions and workshops covered key themes from church planting, UUPGs to orality: Avery Willis (Orality Network) and Bill Fudge (former member of the International mission board) shared about exciting stories of explosive church growth movements in some oral cultures like India where laymen are rapidly reproducing churches.

The culmination of this first and every Congress since was the commitment session, where leaders prayerfully committed to concrete Great Commission goals – how many oral bible teams they would train and send, churches planted, people reached, UUPGs adopted and houses of prayer started (see commitment totals below.)

This pattern of plenary sessions from world-class leaders on the key call2all themes, together with round table discussion, application and commitment has engaged thousands of leaders with the Great Commission in a new way.

The Kansas City Congress in September 2012 was notable for its level of unity. This was demonstrated by the many leaders together on the stage, strategy sessions and workshops. Steve Douglass, Loren Cunningham, Luis Bush, George Verwer, Paul Eshleman, Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, John Dawson, Gov. Brownback and many more all operating together in deep unity, but with a wide variety of gifts and callings.

“Amazing, powerful, life changing” were words used by delegates and presenters alike of the Kansas City Congress, 2012.

Among the leaders were elders from the persecuted Church in China who were part of the Back To Jerusalem movement. They have set a goal to release one million new missionaries from China over the next 40 years. Delegates from other nations of the world gathered around them, promising to stand with them and serve in any way that they can.


Combined Commitments

by 2020


UUPGs adopted


Bible Language and Distribution


Church Planting Commitments


Reached with the Gospel


Compassion Commitments


Prayer Watches & Houses

Some feedback from those who attended…

Q: Can the Great Commission be completed in our lifetimes?

A: Absolutely, from the way God is moving today, even without some terrific eye of faith, I have been persuaded it will be fulfilled in our lifetimes and I personally think in the next decade.

Steve Douglass

President, Cru

I can honestly say that I have great hope for the kick-off of something that is going make an impact where Christianity is non-existent, through our unity in the body of Christ.

Gina Fadely

International Director
YWAM Frontier Missions.

This was a momentum builder toward finishing the task together…the most precious element for me was listening to God together.

Steve Hawthorne


Can you imagine investing 2 years and you could give an unreached people group of 100,000 people the bible? What an incredible way to invest 2 years of your life.

Avery Willis

Director, International Orality Network

I’m here in Toronto and I’m so excited about what God is doing in the missions and the prayer movements and how He’s bringing together enjoyable prayer and intercession and missions.

Allen Hood

Associate Director, International House of Prayer, Kansas City

I’m rethinking everything about how I do church. I need to return to New Testament models. (Cincinatti Congress attendee)


call2all Cincinnati, March 2010