The Source of Life – film project

The Shengzha Nosu Yi of Sichuan, China, were once vicious warriors and slave owners, the last people group to come under Chinese rule in 1956. They have their own religion known as Bimoism. Very few Nosu believe in Jesus, and there is no contextualized evangelistic media in their language and culture.

In Taiwan, a 24-week training program called the School of Cartooning and Animation for Missions (SoCAM), part of YWAM’s University of the Nations, trains artists to use their skills and talents to produce cartoons and comics to help reach the unreached. Their final film, The Source of Life, incorporating elements of Nosu art, culture, and worldview is now available online in two different languages of the 1.7 million Shengzha Nosu Yi. It is our hope and prayer that many will have the opportunity to hear, understand, and find Jesus, the source of life.

View this animated film with English subtitles on Indigitube HERE

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