Finish Line #1 – Reaching the Least, the Last, and the Lost

We can all relate to the feeling of disappointment, even frustration or anger, when someone fails to share important information with us. Maybe it was an event we were never invited to but would have loved to attend. Or maybe it was an important detail that would have changed a decision we made. Whatever the subject, when these omissions are unintentional we may find them relatively easy to forgive. But what happens when we discover that the person withheld this information intentionally? When the offender actually knows the information could help us yet decides not to pass it along, the offense seems somehow unforgivable.

This is the case for the estimated 24 million people in the world whom no one is trying to reach. We as the Body of Christ have the most important message ever told, yet we are either unable or unwilling to share it with these individuals in over 506 Unengaged, Unreached People Groups (UUPG). That’s a staggering number when we think about the importance of the news and the eternal impact of the response.

This is the focus of the first Finish Line— Engaging Every People Group on the planet.

Although the number of people in this population is significant, it doesn’t mean they are easy to reach. There are significant communication, cultural, and logistical challenges to overcome. Not to mention the skills and time required of the people sent to make the connection, often at significant personal risk.

The size and nature of this need demands a highly organized and strategic effort by the collective Body of Christ. This is not something we can rely on a few missionaries to solve, and it’s a task well suited for the call2all movement as we come together to complete the Great Commission.

Engaging Every People Group is one of the five Finish Lines of the call2all movement— the Finish Lines are a biblical framework that, collectively, define the core elements of the Great Commission. Our role is to help provide tools and resources to equip the Body of Christ to see the Great Commission fulfilled, from identifying the needs to reporting on progress to connecting people to the community and the opportunities that best fit their passion and skill set.

Stay tuned for more detail on the progress of the call2all movement as we work with you and others to reach the world with the Gospel. And if you’re ever wondering how important this Finish Line is, think about those who could learn about Jesus a bit too late.