TV | Into the Jungle

We will go deep into the jungles of Melanesia to uncover the story of a hostile people who believed killing would rid the tribe of evil spirits. You will see the amazing transformation when a missionary came and shined the light of the Gospel into their darkness. A college professor’s life was dramatically changed when he met a Christian businessman. Now his devotion to God is impacting a generation. When a Canadian missionary in Thailand saw the desperate need of orphans with HIV, she took a leap of faith that changed her life forever. Her amazing story will inspire you.

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Includes: Awayo – Fear To Faith, Fishers of Men – Peru, Avis Rideout and Agape Home, Free At Last

Special Thanks: New Tribes Mission  |  MB Mission  | Avis Rideout

Program #121

First Broadcast: Tuesday, June 7, 2016