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TV | Reaching The Islamic World part 1

We look at the challenge of Islam. With over 1.6 billion followers of Islam globally, if Christians are to be serious about obeying the Great Commission, they must be making disciples in this mission field. We will hear from both Muslim background believers and those reaching out to them in this critical hour. You can […]

TV | Reaching The Islamic World part 2

We will hear from those who are challenging Islam and spreading the Gospel throughout the Muslim world. You will learn how you can be part of reaching the 1.6 billion followers of Islam. This is a critical time to join the movement and make disciples in the most volatile region on earth. You can watch […]

TV | The Story of YWAM

It’s one the largest and most impactful youth missions movements in the world. We will hear from Youth With A Missions founders describing the miraculous ways YWAM began and how it grew to reach every continent on earth. Includes: Loren and Darlene Cunningham, John Dawson, The Story of Youth With A Mission, What If – YWAM […]

TV | Never The Same

Over 50 years ago Don Richardson and his wife answered the call of God to reach the people of New Guinea. Their amazing story was told in a book and documentary film titled ‘Peace Child’. This program features the moving follow-up story as Don and his three sons return to the village they once called […]

TV | Business As Mission

We look at business as mission and the impact this growing movement is having in the marketplace and the mission field. Business owners share amazing stories of how God is using their businesses to reach people with the Gospel here in the US and around the world. You can watch the episode again here, click […]

TV | Homes of Hope

We will see how the hope of the Gospel is given to the impoverished in one of the poorest regions of Mexico through the building of homes. It is a powerfully moving story, as you will see lives being changed one home at a time. You can watch the episode again here, click “full screen” […]