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The Church has Moved! | July 14, 2011

Asian leader Samuel Chiang describes the shift of the church around the world.  Samuel is one of the presenters at the LA Congress November 29th – December 3rd.


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1214 - We Are Watching Something Supernatural
The Call2All Congress in Long Beach, California ended a few days ago. Those of us who participated are still trying to digest all that happened... More ...
1120 - Video: TheCall Global
The attached video is 7 minutes long but please watch all of it. The Final Saturday of our Call2all gathering is going to be powerful. Lou Engle will join us for the Global Call on Saturday December 3rd. More ...
1118 - Step into Africa
This year's call2all Global Congress has the unique opportunity to invite delegates to Step into Africa. More ...
1101 New Level?
Jaeson Ma is an artist as well as a key leader for the emerging generation. He has a lot of insight into the spiritual history of Southern California. God has used this region of the world many times to launch major movements and ministries. More ...
1013 - VIDEO Steve Saint and Flying Car
On November 29th to Launch the Call2all LA Congress, Steve Saint will arrive in his flying car. Like his father, Steve is a missionary to the tribes of Ecuador. To reach the most remote parts of the jungles he invented the flying car. More ...
0913 - Twenty-seven million slaves exist
Girls and boys, women and men of all ages are forced to toil in the rug loom sheds of Nepal, sell their bodies in the brothels of Mumbai, break rocks in the quarries of Pakistan, and fight wars in the jungles of Africa and Asia. Go behind the facade in an More ...
0810 - Global Call
As part of the LA Congress, we will be hosting the first ever "Global Call" on December 3rd. For over 10 years, "The Call" has gathered hundreds of thousands to the stadiums of America for solemn assemblies. It’s a summons to prayer, fasting, repentanc More ...
0727 - 2 Billion People In Extreme Poverty...
It is hard to believe, but almost 1 out of almost 3 people on earth live on less than $2 a day. Often their children and women are uneducated, malnourished and infected with disease. More ...
0714 - The Church Has Moved!
Asian leader Samuel Chiang describes the shift of the church around the world. Samuel is one of the presenters at the LA Congress November 29th – December 3rd. More ...
0713 - Video: Dick Eastman
Dick Eastman, founder and International President of "Every Home for Christ" will be one of many world class presenters in the LA Congress November 29 – December 3. More ...
0622 - A New Generation DTS
The first Call2all DTS was run almost 2 years ago. A Discipleship Training School focused on missions and prayer, with a radical outreach. More ...
0529 - Rapid Movement!
One of the amazing things that you notice when you read the book of Acts is how fast the truth of the gospel spread. With no modern communication tools, in just 35 years the word of the Lord went to all of Asia minor. When God’s people cooperate with the More ...
0501 - Video: Steve Douglas Join the Movement
Steve Douglass, President of Campus Crusade for Christ will be among the hundreds participating in the LA Congress November 29th - December 3rd. More ...
0426 - Video: Cindy Jacobs, First time in history
The Los Angeles Congress November 29th - December 3rd will include some of the top prayer leaders in the world. There will be extended times of worship and intercession for the nations. More ...
0421 - They Have Waited Long Enough
Listen to this important video message from Roy Peterson, former President of Wycliffe Bible Translators and current President of The Seed Company. More ...
0406 - Reinhard Bonnke To Join Us In LA!
A few days ago I received a phone call from Germany saying that evangelist Reinhard Bonnke would be joining us at the Los Angeles Conference November 29th - December 3rd. I invited him to come and join us for what I believe will be a historic event. We wa More ...
0327 - One of The Best Schools Ever
The school has been so successful that leaders are already registering for the next one in January of 2012. I have been involved with training missionaries for more than 30 years and I have never seen a school as powerful. Every person involved, the schoo More ...
0227 - New Rapid Change!
Everything seems to be changing rapidly. It’s like we are watching the events of Matthew 24 beginning to unfold right in front of us. The last 2 weeks have been extraordinary. The entire Middle East is changing. No one is fully certain of the outcome, but More ...
0216 - Global Broadcast
Next Monday, February 21st Loren Cunningham and Steve Douglass will be joining me on TBN’s Praise the Lord show. This will be a special 2-hour broadcast. More ...
0201 - God Moves In Spite of Crisis
As you know our Middle East North Africa Congress was proceeded by an uprising in Tunisia and has taken place at the same time of the uprising in Egypt. This region of the world is in great turmoil and neighboring countries are starting to feel the effec More ...
0130 - Our Congress Begins in the Middle of Crisis!
As I am sure you know, things are exploding in Egypt. There are protests and riots across the country. 73 people are dead, 2,000 are injured, the Cabinet has resigned and the airport is packed with people trying to get out. More ...
0124 - God Breaking Out Through Call2all DTS!
Awakening is happening in both the lecture phase and the outreach in the Call2all DTS. The first Call2all DTS on the Kona, Hawaii campus started two years ago. More ...