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Wednesday, 31 October, 2007  |  What's The Largest Youth Group In America?


One of the largest youth group in America is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and it's called 220power.


Started by Joel Stockstill in 2003, 220power has grown from 500 to over 3,300 students meeting in weekly cell groups focusing on radical prayer, evangelism and discipleship. Joel is passionate to see this generation radically transformed by the power of the Cross and together with his wife Amy, has also trained hundreds of youth pastors worldwide.

Joel will be leading a discussion at the Call2All Orlando Congress on reaching today’s youth.

With over half the world’s population under 25, fulfilling the Great Commission means reaching today’s youth. Be a part of the discussion at the Call2All Orlando Congress.

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Until Everyone is Reached

Mark Anderson Signature
Mark Anderson
President, Global Pastors Network
International Director, Call2All

1223 - The Knowledge Of Christ Is Covering The Earth
“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” Habbakuk 2:14 As we celebrate this Christmas we are doing it with fellow believers in every country on earth. More ...
1219 - The Fastest Growing Church Planting Movements
During the last couple of decades whole new approaches to church planting have emerged--in many ways restoring some of the original principles used in the early church. With shrinking church attendance in much of the Western world it is an important time More ...
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1213 - Leaders Of Global Prayer Movements At Orlando Congress
I mentioned two months ago that several key leaders of prayer movements will be attending the Call2All Congress in Orlando in January--including Lou Engle with The Call, Mike Bickle with the International House Of Prayer and Graham Power, founder of the More ...
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1211 - For The First Time In Church History We Have A Map
What would happen if we could identify every lost person on earth? What if we knew their spiritual and physical needs as well? This would revolutionize our planning for missions! That’s exactly what’s coming together. More ...
Mark Anderson
1207 - Update From Africa
I am writing this update from Africa where I have just finished meeting with 80 leaders from five African nations. As I shared the vision of the Call2All movement, these leaders responded with great excitement! More ...
Dr Bill Bright
1129 - The Bill Bright Legacy Continues...
In the last two years of his life, Dr. Bright cast the vision of reaching one billion souls for Christ and planting five million new churches. More ...
James Robison 2
1113 - James Robison To Join Us In Orlando
James Robison, evangelist, Founder and President of LIFE Outreach International and well-known host of LIFE TODAY, will be joining us in Orlando for the Call2All strategy Congress More ...
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1112 - What Do All Of These Leaders Have In Common?
Leaders like Jack Hayford, Loren Cunningham, Ron Luce, Steve Douglass, Luis Palau, Mike Bickle, Lou Engle and many more will all be coming to participate in the Call2All Orlando Strategy Congress More ...
1107 - Future Church Growth Is All About Children
87% of everyone who comes to Christ in the world is under the age of 18. How do we reach unreached children-a massive part of completing the Great Commission? More ...
Paul Fleischmann
1102 - What's The Largest Youth Leader Network In The World
Bringing together over 250,000 youth leaders worldwide it’s the National Network of Youth Ministers (NNYM), led by Paul Fleischmann. More ...
1025 - Leaders of Global Youth Movements Part of Call2All Congress
87% of everyone who comes to Christ in the world is under the age of 18. When we discuss fulfilling the Great Commission we are really talking about reaching youth. Three of the foremost authorities on reaching youth will address the Orlando Congress. More ...
1023 - John Maxwell's EQUIP Partnering With Call2All Congresses
Dr. John Maxwell started EQUIP to train leaders all over the world. EQUIP will be sharing key methods for training effective leaders at Call2All Congresses across the world, starting in Orlando. More ...
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1015 - How Do We Reach The Whole World?
This will be the focus of 40 Congresses to be held in key locations all over the globe in the next 36 months. 100,000 leaders will assemble from every nation, uniting around strategy tables, to plan and work alongside each other to finish the Great Commi More ...
1009 - Graham Power And Global Day Of Prayer Connecting To Call2All
Leader of the world’s largest prayer meeting (millions from 204 nations in 2007), Graham Power recently flew from South Africa to meet with Call2All leadership. More ...
1005 - Jack Hayford To Bring Word To Orlando Congress
Jack W. Hayford, President of the Foursquare Church, is taking time out from leading another conference, flying across the country, to bring a word the Lord has given him for the Call2All Congress. More ...
1003 - GOD TV To Air Call2All Congresses
GOD TV is partnering with Call2All to broadcast not just the upcoming Orlando Call2All Congress, but all forty Call2All Congresses planned for the next three years. More ...
Luis Palau
0928 - Luis Palau To Address Call2All Congress, Orlando
Luis Palau--one of the world's most effective and compelling spiritual communicators has just announced that he will be addressing the upcoming Call2All Congress in Orlando. More ...
Avery Willis
0918 - How To Make Evangelism 70% More Effective
There are the 4 billion people in our world known as oral learners—an overwhelming 2/3 of the world’s population. Yet they are “deaf” to the Gospel if it come as a literate form. This global reality represents an unparalleled challenge for the gospel. More ...
Paul Eshleman
0912 - Want to bring your ideas to the table?
Call2All is about the most critical issues facing the church in World Evangelization. It's a call for a more radical and creative response together. We need your breakthrough ideas at the table. More ...
Avery Willis
0904 - We're Missing 70% of World's Unreached...
Can you imagine shooting at a target and missing a bulls eye that is 70% of the target? Yet that is what we have done for the two-thirds of the world that are functionally oral learners. More ...
Mark Anderson
0828 - Christian Today Reports on Call2All
I have great news to report from YWAM's Global Leadership Team meeting happening right now in JeJu, South Korea. Christian Today picked up the story, so rather than tell it in my own words, I'll let them fill you in. More ...
Howard Dayton
0821 - Howard Dayton: Join Me At The GPN Orlando Congress
I encourage you to start making plans now to attend the GPN Congress in Orlando, January 29-February 1, 2008. I had the privilege of listening to Mark Anderson’s vision for reaching the world for Christ, and I can tell you, it’s exciting. More ...
The Call
0814 - The Call Coming Alongside GPN Orlando Congress
Eighty-thousand people filled the Titan Stadium Nashville in July, and not to watch football. They came together for 12 hours of repentance and intercession for America and the world. Now these events are coming alongside the North American Congress. More ...
0724 - YWAM leadership embraces Call2All As YWAM's Future
The YWAM Global Leadership Team on Friday unanimously endorsed YWAM’s involvement in “call2all,” a project linking 200 organizations designed to see one billion people come to Christ in the next 25 years. More ...
Loren Cunningham
0724 - Loren Cunningham: Will You Join Me?
Forty-seven years ago I pioneered Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Today we have almost 20,000 full-time missionaries in 175 countries of the world. What's about to begin in Florida January 29-February 1, 2008, I believe is going to be of historic proportion More ...
Mark Anderson
0720 - Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson re-defines the Orlando Congress - it's a congress to strategize not a conference filled with speakers. More ...
0612 - Joel Hunter
"God has been calling together some of the major leaders in Christianity to complete the Great Commission, it would be my great honor to be your host for the North American Congress in Orlando, January 2008." More ...
Becky Hunter
0608 - Becky Hunter
"Oswald Chambers said, “We talk of the Second Coming; half the world has never heard of the first.” GPN thinks it’s time they heard. As the president of the Global Pastors Wives Network I would like to extend a special invitation to every pastor’s wife" More ...
Steve Douglass
0605 - Dr. Steve Douglass
"I am very pleased to endorse the Global Pastors Network Congress in Orlando, January 2008. This will be extremely helpful to you as a pastor. Join me and many others as we stategize to plan in many areas of mission for the next 25 years" More ...